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Installation Instructions

Before Installation

Material & Tool Requirements

- Estimate square footage and add 10%
- Select underlayment (over concrete or in moisture prone areas, the underlayment selected must act as a vapour barrier – we recommend the use of EasyStep Premium Underlayments. If the product you have selected already has a pre-attached underlayment, then a 6mil vapour barrier must be used over concrete or in moisture prone areas.
- Wood glue, spacers, pull bar, circular saw with a fine toothed blade, hammer (min 1lb), pencil and straight edge.


Store unopened boxes flat in the room where the flooring is to be installed, for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation. Once boxes are opened, they should be installed immediately.


No complaints regarding visual defects will be accepted after the flooring is installed. If you discover apparent defects in the flooring panels you should stop the installation immediately. Labour will not be paid on apparent visible defects if installed.
Laminate flooring is not suitable for wet areas – full bathrooms, etc.

Installation Instructions

Cascade Laminate flooring is designed to be installed floating. Under no circumstances should flooring panels be glued, nailed, screwed or otherwise adhered (i.e. door stopper, closet track) to the subfloor in any way.

Cascade Laminate flooring needs room to expand. An expansion gap of 10/15 mm (3/8” – 5/8”) should always be left around the perimeter of the room (i.e. between the flooring panels and walls or any other fixed elements, such as heating pipes, door jams, etc.). This expansion gap can be covered up with baseboards, quarter rounds or the appropriate floor trim.


Installation should be carried out at a room temperature of at least 18ºC (65 ºF) and a floor temperature of at least 15 ºC (59F). The relative humidity in the room should be 35 - 55%. The temperature difference between the flooring panels and the subfloor should not exceed ±3 degrees.

The sub-floor must be absolutely level, dry, clean and firm. Carpet is not a suitable underlayment. Differences in floor level of more than 3mm per meter span (1/8” per 3’) must either be sanded down or filled in with suitable floor filling compound.

For installation below grade, or on a concrete subfloor, an underlayment with vapour barrier must be used. If the product you have selected already has an attached underlayment, then a 6mil vapour barrier must be used over concrete or in moisture prone areas. The seams of underlayment should overlap by at least 20 cm (8”) and must be taped with moisture resistant tape along the length of this overlap (we recommend the use of EasyStep Premium Underlayments).

For acoustic insulation an appropriate underlayment should be used.

Underlayment maximum thickness under this flooring is 4mm and a minimum density of 53KG/m3 (3.5lbs/ft3). If the product you have selected already has a pre attached underlayment, this step is not needed (we recommend the use of EasyStep Premium Underlayments).

Flooring panels should preferably be installed longitudinally (lengthwise to the main light source).

Avoid narrow pieces at the finish wall. Measure the distance between the starting wall and the finish wall. Divide this number by the width of the laminate flooring plank. The remainder must be greater than 6.35 cm (2 ½”). Radiant heated subfloors should never exceed 26 ºC (79 ºF).

Cascade Laminate flooring can be walked on immediately following installation. As soon as part of the flooring has been installed, the furniture can be moved onto the finished installation.

Assembling Flooring Panels

Install appropriate underlayment as per the underlayment manufacturer’s guidelines.

For the first row of panels cut off the tongue of the plank. Lay the first plank with the trimmed tongue edge on the long side of the plank facing the wall while taking special care to maintain proper expansion as explained in point 3 above.

Assemble the end joints by lowering the tongue of the plank into the groove from top to bottom on the short side of the panel. Glue the short sides of the panels on the first and last rows and weigh them down for approximately one hour until the glue sets.

To start the second row, use the remainder of the last plank of the first row if it is longer than 30cm (12”) long, otherwise cut a new plank in half and proceed. To ensure structural integrity of your floor, it is mandatory to ALWAYS STAGGER THE END JOINTS FROM ROW TO ROW BY AT LEAST 40cm (16”).

Angle the tongue of the long side of the plank into the groove of the first panel of the first row at an angle of approximately 25 º and lower the panel to lock it into place.

In the case where you are unable to angle panels (i.e. under a doorframe, radiator, etc.) you must cut away the locking edge of the lip of the bottom groove by using a wood chisel. Run a bead of glue on the now modified tongue and groove. Tighten the panels gently with the use of a pull bar and a hammer.

If a doorframe must be undercut, lay a plank of flooring next to the doorframe with the patterned side facing down. Undercut the doorjamb with a saw, then slide the flooring plank under the doorjamb with the decorative pattern facing upwards. Please note that the floor must be allowed space to expand under the doorjamb and recommended expansion gap must be respected.

Continue the installation in this manner until you get to the last row. For the last row, measure the exact width required. To do this, lay a plank of the flooring on the second to last row. Then lay a second plank of flooring on top of this plank with the tongue side of the plank touching the wall. This will allow you to determine the width needed for the final row. Make a mark with a pencil and cut with a saw along this mark. Expansion gaps must be respected.

Cascade Laminate recommends the use of EasyStep Premium Underlayments.


General Care & Maintenance

Routine Cleaning

- Sweep or vacuum using the wand attachment, then follow with laminate floor care products only (such as Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner). In very gritty areas sweep or vacuum more frequently.
- For spills or wet areas immediately wipe with a cloth or sponge and clean with a laminate floor cleaner.
- Laminate flooring, like other types of smooth floors, can become slippery when wet. Allow time to dry after cleaning.
- Do not use soap-based detergents or “Mop & Shine” products, as these may leave a dull film on your floor.
- Do not wax or polish.
- Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder that can all scratch your floor.

Tough Spots

- Remove tough spots like shoe polish, tar and asphalt driveway sealer with nail polish remover containing acetone. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

Protect Your New Laminate

- Place a natural or colorfast mat at outside entrances to collect tracked-in dirt and absorb excess moisture.
- For added indentation resistance, use floor protectors on chairs and other furniture. The heavier the item, the wider the floor protector should be.
- Under appliances use Glide n’ Guard Floor Protectors.

High Moisture Areas

- For all installation systems it is generally a good idea to use 100% silicone caulk in areas or rooms where excessive moisture may be present. Such as at sinks, dishwashers, icemakers, and around pipes.


LEED © (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

LEED is one of the most popular green building programs worldwide. With a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods, LEED aims to help home and building owners be environmentally responsible and resource efficient.

MRc2 : Construction Waste Management

This LEED credit focuses on recycling instead of sending waste to landfills.
For more information check out the LEED User webpage (LEED - MRc2).

MRc4 : Recycled Content

This LEED credit takes time, but simply put it's a cost and exact percentage of post- and pre-consumer materials that must be collected from each recycled item used.
For more information check out the LEED User webpage (LEED - MRc4).

MRc7 : Certified Wood

This LEED credit is given if there is a small amount of actual wood used in the final product. In other words this LEED credit means your flooring is environmentally friendly.
For more information check out the LEED User webpage (LEED - MRc7).

IEQc4.3 : Low-Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems

This LEED credit means your floorings adhesives and/or finishes meet the requirements of IEQc4.1 (Low-Emitting Materials - Adhesives and Seals) and ICQc4.2 (Low-Emitting Materials - Paints and Coatings). Your flooring's adhesives and/or finishes meet the requirements for VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions for indoor air.
For more information check out the LEED User webpage (LEED - IEQc4.3).

GreenGuard ©

GREENGUARD © - Gold Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certification (also known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification) ensures that your flooring is acceptable for use in environments like schools and in healthcare. The GREENGUARD Gold Certification is referenced by both the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and LEED Building Rating Systems. The GREENGUARD Gold Certification requirements comply with the State of California’s Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Specification Section 01350 (California Section 01350) for testing chemical emissions from building products used in schools and other environments. As such, GREENGUARD Gold Certified products can be used to earn valuable credits in the CHPS Best Practices Manual for K-12 schools, the US Green Building Council's LEED® Green Building Rating Systems, the Green Guide for Healthcare, the NAHB Green Building Guidelines, Green Globes, Regreen and many other building codes, standards and specifications. For more information check out the GREENGUARD Certification webpage (GREENGUARD Gold Certification).


Warranty Information

30 Year Limited Residential Warranty


Cascade Laminate guarantees to the original purchaser that for the warranty period of 30 years your Cascade Laminate flooring, when used in an indoor setting:
- Will be free from manufacturing defects
- Will not stain from normal household consumable items, such as food or drink
- Will not wear through the decorative surface (scratches or reduction in gloss level is not considered wear)
- Will not fade as a result of direct sunlight or household lighting

Radiant Heat (Underfloor) Installation

We warrant to you (the original purchaser) that Cascade Laminate may be installed over hydronic radiant-heated subfloors, provided the surface temperature of the system does not exceed 81ºF (27ºC), and the relative humidity levels are maintained between 35% and 55%. It is mandatory that the radiant heat be applied in a gradual manner after installing the laminate flooring.

Visible Defects

Planks with visible defects must not be installed. Visible defects are those defects that are apparent on the face of the flooring. No labor will be paid for planks installed with visible defects. Only uninstalled planks with visible defects are eligible for material credit when returned to the wholesaler.

What you should do if any of the above listed problems occur.

The original residential purchaser should notify their authorized Cascade Laminate dealer (from which the original purchase was made) of any defect no later than 30 days after discovering the defect, but within the same time period of this limited warranty. The original residential purchaser must present to that Authorized Cascade Laminate dealer the following items for a limited warranty claim to be considered:
- A valid proof of purchase in the form of sales receipt which establishes proof of purchase
- A detailed description of the problem and/or a photograph/sample that clearly shows the warranty problem

What will Cascade Do if any of the above listed problems occur

If you make a claim and follow our installation and maintenance procedures within the first year after date of purchase, Cascade Laminate will provide:
- Materials either to repair or replace the defective area of the floor at our option

If the floor was professionally installed, Cascade Laminate will pay:
- Reasonable labor costs to repair or replace the defective area of your floor

If you make a claim after the first year from date of purchase and before the end of your limited warranty period, Cascade will provide/pay:
- A percentage of the reasonable material and labor costs (if the floor was professionally installed), for repair or replacement, at our option, of the warranted product.
This percentage will be based on the number of years from the date of purchase and the remaining warranty period of the product, up to 30 years after date of purchase. (i.e. for a professionally installed product, which is covered by a 30 year warranty, Cascade will pay 24/30th (or 80%) of the reasonable material and labor costs on an approved claim submitted 6 years after the date of purchase.)


Any repair or replacement is limited to colors/styles of products available at the time of repair or replacement. If the original design is no longer available, Cascade Laminate has the right to substitute another Cascade Laminate design of similar value. The product must be of similar structure and the customer may choose the design.

Not Covered

- Improper care and maintenance (see Maintenance Instructions)
- Accidents, abuse or misuse
- Abnormal wear and wear such as damage caused from spiked heel shoes, scratches and insufficient protection from furniture, pebbles, sand and other abrasives.
- Improper workmanship or installation not in accordance with Cascade Laminate’s installation instructions
- Any noise and/or sound issues related to the floor (i.e. squeaking, hollow sound, etc.)
- Water trapped beneath the floor due to improper subflooring or underlayment
- Exposure to extremes of temperature or relative humidity
- Water due to excessive moisture in a concrete slab, hydrostatic pressure or flooding caused by malfunctions from appliances such as dishwashers, icemakers, refrigerators, sinks, pipes, or from natural disasters
- Damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bars and hard or metal caster wheels
- Damage caused by pet urine or spills that have not been promptly wiped up and removed
- This warranty does not apply to any product or products designated or sold as “B” grade, cabin grades, seconds, closeout or non-standard items
- This warranty does not apply to any product or products designated or sold “As Is”

Warranty Exclusions

All incidental, consequential and special damages are not covered by the warranty. This expressly means the warranty does not cover any loss, expense or damage to anything other than the flooring. It does not cover the cost of removing or replacing: moldings, trims, fixtures, cabinets, islands, moving furniture/appliances, repairs to the subfloor or painting that may be associated with the defect of the flooring. The warranty constitutes the only express warranties for the product purchased.

To the extent permitted by law and for all non-consumer product, all warranties other than our limited warranties, express or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. If an implied warranty arises under provincial or state law, all implied warranties are limited in duration to the duration of this written warranty, to the extent allowed by law.

Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusions of limitations of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on the length so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. You may have other rights that vary by jurisdiction that you should be aware of.

Installation requirements are supplied in the carton. Please refer to them prior to installation.